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>> The Lord of the Rings Covers and The Fellowship of the Ring Inner Design

---------- Description ----------

This was a labour of love, more than anything else. The Lord of the Rings was the first book I could say I loved. I first read it when I was ten and have read it every year since, sometimes twice. Why I've not ventured designs for these books before I do not know, but once I decided to try at the endeavour I couldn't resist.

I envisaged them as a kind of illustrated special illustrated edition, though not overwhelmed with images. And with the covers wanted to hark back to the covers of the 80s rather than the minimal offerings of the 00s, trying to let some of the best Tolkien artwork shine.

Presented here are covers for all three volumes of The Lord of the Rings with sample spreads from The Fellowship of the Ring.

498 pages, full colour
152mm x 228mm
Perfect bound

-------- Covers ---------

The Fellowship of the Ring – A special note about this cover. When selecting the image I wanted to pick my favourite image from the book, The Argonath. The Pillars of the Kings is the most enduring image from the second book, for me at least. This then informed the colours of each volume being informed by the colours in the image.

The Two Towers

The Return of the King

-------- Frontmatter ---------

-------- Book One ---------

-------- Book Two ---------

-------- Image List ---------

The Fellowship of the Ring Cover Image: The Pillars of the Kings by Ted Nasmith
The Two Towers Cover Image: The Wrath of the Ents by Ted Nasmith
The Return of the King Cover Image: The Mûmak of Harad by John Howe

Page xi: A Long Expected Party by Inger Edelfeldt

Book One:
Page 45: A Shadow of the Past by Donato Giancola
Pages 76 & 77: The Black Riders by Chris Rahn
Page 133: Old Man Willow by Ted Nasmith
Page 183: Strider by Matthew Stewart
Pages 252 & 253: At the Ford by Ted Nasmith

Book Two:
Page 259: Rivendell by John Howe
Page 376: Gandalf by Donato Giancola
Pages 396 & 397: Gandalf and the Balrog by stevej061069
Page 474: The Argonath by John Howe
Page 495: Boromir by Ted Nasmith